Using Technology To Transform Fitness (Podcast #16)

In this episode, my guest is David Amerland: journalist, author, consultant, five-time national British Taekwondo champion, technology guru, and spokeman for the Darebee online fitness initiative.


Topics Include

  • What the Darebee project is, and how David got involved.
  • How Darebee is transforming fitness, socially, economically and philosophically.
  • The importance of the coach/manager in fitness.
  • How Darebee started as the work of founder Neila Rey, and grew into a major initiative.
  • Darebee’s unconventional business model: no endorsements, no sponsorships, no ads, no fees.
  • How the core concept that “everyone matters” permeates Darebee.
  • The issue of motivation for exercise, and how technology, community and “RPG Fitness” can help.
  • The structure of Darebee workouts, programs, and challenges.
  • How developing mental strength in one area carries over into other areas.
  • The idea that fitness is a multi-layered journey, not a destination.
  • The science behind bodyweight training vs. weight training.
  • Darebee’s data-driven approach to fitness and nutrition.
  • Inclusive fitness vs. status-driven fitness.
  • The welcoming, supporting nature of the Darebee community.
  • Replacing the “RICE” model of injury treatment.
  • How contemporary data analysis tools are changing our expectations and approach to health.
  • Integrating physical and mental fitness (“sound mind in a sound body”).
  • David’s upcoming book, for which he interviewed 100 snipers.
  • Determining when enough is enough in terms of fitness training.
  • Why continuous improvement and effort is more important than specific achievements.
  • Expanding the Darebee-type of initiative into other societal areas.

4 Replies to “Using Technology To Transform Fitness (Podcast #16)”

  1. David this is a GREAT interview, excellent neuro & health/behavior points so many need to hear.
    Small success = larger successes. It is the training of the brain. Wonderful points, great threads, excellent talk!! Thank you

  2. Thank you for this.

    I’m a Darebee member and I’m so grateful to David/Damer, Neila and everyone else there for their hard work and idealism. It is a wonderful place and has helped me to start to transform myself.

    I highly recommend it to anyone and look forward to seeing you in the Hive. x


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