Leadership Communication Skills (Podcast #15)

In this episode, I chat with Ita Olsen, one of the world’s leading authorities on speech and human communications. She coaches executives, entertainers, and even regular folks to improve their vocal skills and to become more effective and more persuasive in their interpersonal communication. If you hate hearing recordings of your own voice, or you find that people just don’t listen to you the way you’d like them to, this episode is for you!

You can find terrific advice and free information from Ita Olsen on her website & blog, and on Twitter and Facebook.


Topics Covered:

  • Why people are hesitant to learn communication skills
  • How anxiety and stress negatively impact speech
  • Don’t blame other people for not listening, take responsibility for getting your message across
  • Using the voice as a tool for defusing conflict
  • Why we instinctively don’t listen to people with unpleasant voices
  • The process of learning better communication skills
  • The impact of non-verbal communication: body language, facial expressions, etc.
  • Defining the “pith” – the main point of whatever it is you’re trying to convey
  • What made Bill Clinton such a great communicator, and Hillary Clinton such a bad one
  • Why women have to work a little harder than men to be understood
  • Finding your optimum vocal pitch
  • Helping children to learn public speaking and communication skills
  • What causes “mouth noises” when speaking
  • How to get started improving your own speech and communication skills

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