Navy SEAL & Deadliest Warrior (Podcast #13)

Colin PalmerIn this episode, I interview Colin L. Palmer, a former Navy SEAL and Blackwater security contractor. Colin was one of two SEALs who appeared on the “Navy SEALs vs. Israeli Commandos” episode of Deadliest Warrior (SEALs won, by the way).

Colin has a tremendous range of life experiences, and a great sense of humor. This was a very fun interview, and Colin spoke very frankly about a lot of topics that are generally not discussed with the general public.

Topics Include:

  • Working with SEALs compared to working with Blackwater
  • Details about BUD/S “Hell Week” and SEAL training
  • Pros & cons of dry fire vs. live fire for firearms training
  • Training international crisis response teams
  • Colin’s opinion on the Benghazi disaster
  • The psychological impact of service on military personnel in general, and SEALs in particular.
  • Colin’s positive experience with Transcendental Meditation.
  • How the military screens for people who can handle stress vs. training people to handle stress
  • The importance of having a plan for transitioning to civilian life, before leaving the military.
  • Challenges faced by veterans in finding civilian employment.
  • The long-term impact of being so close to the danger and death of combat.
  • Paranormal experiences that Colin and his friends have had.
  • How SEALs train to maintain multiple tactical skills.
  • Colin’s take on people claiming to teach “SEAL self-defense” tactics.
  • Behind the scenes of Colin’s appearance on “Deadliest Warrior: Navy SEALs vs. Israeli Commandos”
  • The physical toll that special ops training and service takes on the human body, and the hard reality of staying fit after a career in spec ops.
  • The importance of civilians being able to defend themselves in an emergency or disaster situation.
  • The importance of staying “low profile” when in dangerous situations.
  • Why “your brain is your best weapon.”
  • Colin’s favorite handgun and caliber for civilian self-defense.
  • Colin’s screenplays and current projects.




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