“Range 15” And The Veteran-Civilian Divide (Podcast #10)

In this episode, I chat with Anthony Curtis, an Army combat veteran who served in Iraq, about the veteran-produced zombie comedy, “Range 15.” As it turned out, discussing “Range 15” opened the door to a great conversation about the many challenges that veterans face, and the veteran-civilian divide that exists in society.

Topics Discussed

  • Anthony’s military service as both enlisted and an office
  • Anthony’s reaction to “Range 15”
  • What non-Rangers think of Rangers, and what Rangers think of non-Rangers
  • Military inside jokes in “Range 15”
  • The challenging humor of “Range 15” and how it relates to military culture
  • The unique cameraderie of military service, and the difficulty of leaving that behind
  • Why many veterans struggle with their weight, and how Tony got back in shape
  • How the mindset you need to survive combat is a liability in civilian life
  • What civilians just don’t understand about veterans



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