“Left of Bang” (Podcast #8)

Patrick Van Horne
In this episode, I talk to Patrick Van Horne, CEO and co-founder of the CP Journal, and co-author of “Left of Bang: How The Marine Corps Combat Hunter Program Can Save Your Life.”

Patrick shares a wealth of valuable and useful information about how to quickly and accurately detect people planning violence, and how to avoid dangerous situations BEFORE they happen.

Topics Discussed:
• The origin of “Left of Bang” in the USMC Combat Hunter program.
• How combat profiling can be applied to normal civilian life.
• The difference between behavior profiling and racial profiling.
• The Four Pillars of behavior, and how to assess them.
• How to identify what’s “normal” in any situation, and how to spot people who are up to no good.
• Ensure situational awareness by asking yourself three specific questions.
• Four categories of behavior that alert you to danger.
• A process to quickly decide WHEN to act, and HOW to act.
• How to spot pre-event indicators in both normal and very crowded environments.
• Equipment-based solutions to threats vs. training-based solutions.
• A “Decision Tree” that civilians can use to stay left of bang.

You can find Patrick on Twitter, and you can check out the CP Journal website and Facebook group. His book, “Left of Bang” is available for purchase on Amazon. Listen to the interview right here!


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