SWAT Commander’s Advice On Holsters

The quantity and variety of holsters that are available today can be overwhelming, so I asked my friend David, a SWAT commander, to talk about what he’s found works well for concealed, off-duty carry over the course of his two-decade law enforcement career. Although this video is intended to provide a fairly basic level of information, more experienced folks will likely find it of interest as well.

Topics Discussed

– Pocket carry & pocket holsters
– Ankle holsters
– Inside the Pants/Inside the Waistband holsters
– Holster position on the body
– Belt-slide (pancake) holsters
– Small of the Back holsters
– Importance of practice
– Importance of personal preference
– Importance of context & application

One of my favorite parts of this video actually had nothing to do with holsters. David digressed from the topic into a discussion of whether a civilian should even take action in the event of a threat, such as an active shooter. He raised a lot of great questions that are rarely discussed.

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