Strength Training for Fighters (Podcast #5)

Will KuenzelIn this episode, I talk to Will Kuenzel, a strength and conditioning coach who works with a lot of MMA fighters, police officers, athletes, and other people who need to be strong without letting their strength training compromise their other activities. He offers some great insights into his approach and philosophy.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why strength is often the limiting factor in achievement.
  • Getting stronger while staying the same size.
  • Balancing strength training with athletics or self-defense training.
  • Starting off with a small base of strength exercises, then expanding from that.
  • Stick with the basics: squat, bench-press, deadlift, pull-up.
  • Why Will tends to prescribe volume for fighters, and intensity for powerlifters.
  • Will’s opinion of kettlebells.
  • Adding flexibility as well as size.
  • Why Will stretches or foam-rolls after a workout, not before.
  • Focus on technique to avoid injury.
  • Overtraining vs. Under-recovery.
  • Always understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.
  • The importance of pulling vs. pushing exercises.
  • Training to overcome damage from sitting all day.
  • Lifting big won’t make you big.

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