SWAT Commander’s Advice On Selecting A Handgun

I read a lot of information on guns, but it still seems like the best information I get comes from personal conversations with knowledgeable people. Since I am probably not alone in this experience, I asked my friend David, a SWAT commander, to talk with me on video about some of the basic considerations associated with selecting a handgun for concealed carry.

One of the great things about David is that he is able to present information in a very engaging, understandable way, without the macho posturing or condescending attitude that you sometimes see in gun-related videos.

Although this discussion was intended for people who are more or less new to the idea of concealed carry, there’s a lot of great information that would be of benefit to more experienced folks as well.

Topics Discussed

– Fitting a gun to your body type
– Things to watch out for with gun shop employees
– Revolver vs. Semi-auto: aesthetics, capacity, reliability, simplicity
– Hammerless vs. external hammer
– Trigger pull & single/double action
– External safeties on semi-autos
– Clearing malfunctions in critical situations
– Being honest about how much you’ll train
– Ammunition selection for practice vs. home defense vs. carry

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