“Gotham”-Style Photo Tutorial

I’m a big fan of the new “Gotham” TV show. I also like the promo images that were done for each of the main characters. I couldn’t find any information online about who took the images,or how they were done, so I decided to figure out how to do something similar myself.


Just to be clear: my intention here was not to “rip off” somebody else’s work, but to use it as a stylistic reference, and a teaching tool. I believe that there’s a lot of value in trying to emulate work you admire, as long as you’re up front about the fact that whatever you come up with was heavily inspired by something else.

To see how I created my own “Gotham”-style character portrait, watch the tutorial video below.

Click here to download the Stormy Sky background I used.
Click here to download the Vignette I used.

These are the monolights I used.
These are the video lights I used.
This is the lens I used.

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