“Continuum” – The Best Show You’re Not Watching


Thanks to Netflix streaming, I recently discovered the Canadian TV show “Continuum.” Rachel Nichols (previously of “Alias” and the “GI Joe” movies) plays a dedicated police officer from the year 2077 who, along with a team of terrorists (played by Sci-Fi channel veterans you’ll recognize from shows like “Stargate” and “Andromeda”) is transported to the present day.

The show was created by Simon Barry, whose career is unusual in that he started off as a b-camera operator, and managed to break into writing and producing. Simon’s healthy skepticism about the powers-that-be was first displayed in the 2000 Wesley Snipes vehicle, “The Art of War,” in which Snipes played a shadowy United Nations agent who is framed for murder by the FBI.

In “Continuum,” Barry challenges the audience – and narrative convention – by presenting a situation in which the “good guys” actually work for an oppressive, fascist government, while the “bad guys” use murder and terrorism to fight for liberty and justice. In so doing, “Continuum” creates incredibly compelling, thought-provoking, and immensely enjoyable entertainment.

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  1. This show is amazing, I found it on Netflix, watched one show got hooked and watched both seasons in record time,I want more!

  2. We’ve enjoyed this show since Season 1 and are really excited it was picked up for another year. Canadian television is frankly underrated by much of the American viewing public. Usually I find great stories, very good production quality, though often created on a limited budget (at least by many US standards).

    Thank you for bringing attention to the show!

  3. “Michelle Nichols” as listed in your article should be “Rachel Nichols”.
    I love the believable characters in this show, both “bad guys” and “good guys”.

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