DEFY Gimbal Lineup Announced


defyThe folks at Relentless, Inc. announced the lineup for their DEFY Gimbal products today. Here’s the scoop:

G2 Gimbal – $2,300 gets you a 3-axis stabilized rig for smaller micro four-thirds cameras like the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema, Sony Nex, etc. Ostensibly, that’s what this test footage was shot with.

G5 Gimbal – Coming soon, this is a larger version of the G2, sized for DSLRs.

G10 – An even bigger version, for cameras the size of the RED, etc.

There will also be a 2-axis stabilized rig for $1,800 that will fulfill the promise Relentless made at NAB.

Steadicam-style rigs have had a lock on the handheld stabilizer market for a long time. Relentless, Inc. seems to be demonstrating that the bits and pieces (gyros, etc.) are now readily available enough for other manufacturers to develop innovative products.


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  1. Great workshop by Drew Janes on the DEFY G-5 and G-2 camera gimbals in Toronto on Friday, December 13, 2013. It was part of Sony’s and Vistek’s CineAlta Training Event. I was in the front for this interesting presentation.

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