Summer Soundtrack – “Lumen” by Natalia Clavier

lumenTimes, places and events have their own specific soundtracks. Whatever was on the radio when you were learning to drive is probably fixed in your mind forever as the soundtrack for that era of your life.

As we get older, things start to blend together. That’s why it’s nice when an album comes along that seems to fit perfectly with the present moment. I’m referring here to “Lumen,” the newest release by one of my favorite singers, Natalia Clavier.

Natalia Clavier started off singing jazz standards in her homeland of Argentina (and I would LOVE to hear a jazz album from her!), but has been in the American downtempo world for most of her career, contributing vocals to albums by Federico Aubele and
The Echocentrics, and singing live with Thievery Corporation.

Natalia’s first album, Nectar, was terrific. Here’s a music video she did for “Azul,” one of the songs on “Nectar.”

And here’s the music video (just released today) for “Trouble” from “Lumen.”

All the songs on “Nectar” are in Spanish, but about half the songs on “Lumen” are in English, so if you’re looking for a mellow album to help you get into the summer mood, check it out!

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