Colombian Army vs. Rebels in Music Video Smackdown

Everybody loves music videos … Even guerrilla fighters in the South American jungle!

According to this article from PRI, the legendary FARC movement – historically associated with kidnapping, murder and other antisocial behavior – is trying to promote a kinder, gentler image to the general Colombian populace.

How better to reach out to the masses than with your very own music video? They have released a video for an original song (ostensibly composed by a musically inclined FARC member) called “Me Voy Para La Habana” (“I’m Going to Havana”). Why are the rebels going to Havana? Apparently, they are declaring victory and heading to the People’s Paradise. In the video, a co-ed group of FARC rebels raps earnestly about their struggle against The Man, before changing into civvies and heading out, Havana-bound.

Not to be outdone, however, the Colombian Army decided to drop their own bomb with a professionally-produced music video. The Reggaeton-style tune is “Sword of Honor,” and the video of Colombian soldiers heroically striding through the jungle to save innocent hostages is well-shot (with all kinds of moving camera shots), dynamically edited, and fantastically jingoistic.

What do you think? Who won this battle? The FARC with their authenticity? Or the Ejercito Nacional, with their superior production quality?

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