Wardrobe Guidelines for Video

Whether you’re conducting an interview or filming a commercial, it’s helpful to suggest some wardrobe guidelines to your on-camera “talent.” Here are some simple guidelines that have worked well for me over the years.

• Solid colors are best. No bright white or “flourescent” colors. No thin lines (no pinstripes or seersucker suits). No intricate patterns (checks, paisley, etc.). No logos or copyrighted artwork (e.g. no T-shirts with cartoon characters).

• Men: no distracting ties. Please bring two options of shirts, and an alternate suit & tie combo, if possible.

• Women: skirts or pants are fine. Avoid plunging necklines. Simple jewelry or none at all. Hair & make-up as though you were going to a business meeting. Please bring one complete alternate outfit.

In addition to this, It’s also helpful if your subjects dress in clothing that is similar in tone to their complexions. For example, if a very light-skinned person if wearing a black suit, you’re going to have a difficult time exposing the shot to get detail in the person’s skin and their clothing. Conversely, if you put a dark-skinned person in a white shirt, the shirt is going to be totally overexposed when the person’s face is exposed properly.

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