"Economic Armageddon" Video

Every once in a while, I get a few days to put together a video for myself. This was one of those times. I created all the illustrations from scratch (including the drawings of Uncle Sam and the American Worker), with the exception of the globe, for which I obviously used reference material. For the taxes vs. spending graph, I pulled data from http://whitehouse.gov, loaded it into an Open Office spreadsheet, created charts and then layered them and dressed them up in Photoshop.

Like many Americans, I’ve been following the economic news with concern, and more than a little uncertainty. Exactly what’s the problem? So, I set out to learn as much as I could, and then boil it down to an easy-to-understand presentation.

Here is the result. Enjoy! And remember … It always sounds crazy until it comes true!

2 Replies to “"Economic Armageddon" Video”

  1. Wow! Friggin’ brilliant Alex! I watched this once, and immediately got my twelve year old son. He waaay got it. So I’m wondering what degree did you get? Poly-Sci? Education? Economics? Lemme’ guess. You were one of those smart guys that had a double or triple major.

    Seriously though. Your message is concise, informative and entertaining. Even IF you used nothing but pre-existing clip art, I wouldn’t have chastised you. Nope, not Mr. Fox…He goes the extra mile to create his own clip-art. I say Rock On!

    I would think that connecting that many dots and delivering it in such a manner that is appealing to adults and kids alike would be a challenge. It reminds me of classic School House Rock. How ’bout a song? (to Conjunction Junction) “Inflation, flation…We’re a screwed nation. Spending more money than we can make now.” Naaah, Your idea is much better.

    I love it. Great job sir!
    Joe Schmitt

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